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    Welcome to Chem-E Car at UC San Diego

  • Our vision

    The ChemE Car Project is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to design and develop a miniature-sized vehicle that runs exclusively on chemical reactions.

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    Global Innovation

    In Engineering Students

    Our goal is to enrich the educational experience of Chemical Engineering students and to reach out to industry leaders in an effort to increase the awareness of the Chemical Engineering discipline.

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    Strategic Partnerships

    To Challenge Students

    This program attempts to foster real-world problem solving, cultivation of skills involved in meeting deadlines and expectations, and development of camaraderie between fellow students.

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    Build Professional


    Expand Your Networks

    This program aims to encourage student-faculty relations within the University and to cultivate relations between the UCSD student chapter and other chapters across the nation.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our UCSD team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team is committed to supporting our members and investors.

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    Daniel Kupor


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    Prachetan Bansal


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    Mahika Lunker

    VP Internal

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    Perry Wood

    VP External

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    Stephanie Mountain

    Social & Media Chair

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    Susie Park

    Lab & Safety Coordinator

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